Descripción Curso:

1. Farm Business Planning – Take a holistic view of your business and develop a sustainable, profitable farm
2. Marketing is Building Relationships – Create a marketing plan for successful sales
3. Profitable by Design: Farm Financial Management & Profitability Analysis – Cultivate business skills to build profitable operations.
4. Crop Production Planning – Determine what and how much to grow, develop system efficiencies & keep accurate records.
5. Featured Production & Marketing Techniques – Use innovative growing and sales methods to increase yields and capture new market niches
6. Visit one of the most successful ecological farms in Puerto Rico.

* Curso se impartirá en inglés y en español

Recursos (profesores):

Mimi Arnstein
Mimi Arnstein founded Wellspring Farm, a 5-acre certified organic, diversified vegetable farm in Vermont, USA. After 15 years of farming, she now provides business & production consulting to farms, mentors beginner farmers and leads workshops on creating sustainable businesses. She was awarded the Conservation Farm of the Year by the Vermont Natural Resource Conservation District in 2015. She is a proficient Spanish speaker and has consulted internationally in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba.

Comienzo: miércoles 9 de noviembre
Culminación: viernes 11 de noviembre.
Duración: 3 días consecutivos
Horario: 9AM – 12PM ; 1PM – 3PM

Horas Contacto: 15 horas
Costo: $180.00
Lugar: UPR Utuado

Becas disponibles para residentes del Bosque Modelo.
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Posibilidad de acampar en el Bosque Estatal Rio Abajo a $4 la noche x persona durante los días del curso.

Para más información contactar: 787-221-8846 ;

Para matricular / más información:
DECEP: 787-894-2828
Extensión 2265, 2205
Bosque Modelo: 787-221-8846 ;

Aprobado: CEE-SA-16-12210